As previous this release mostly contains a mixture of bug fixes, and progress towards the 1.8 release stream.

Most notable this release is a mostly complete implementation of instance specific users, roles and permissions. Also ADS can now create MCMA3 instances and MCMA3 appears as its own entry in the application list.


  • Implement message IDs for websocket API calls (to be used in the future to allow all API calls to be made over sockets)
  • Re-implemented all authentication to support async operations.
  • Selection sources use IEnumerable rather than List now.
  • Included new unity console compatibility mode for certain Windows servers.
  • Correctly handle session ID remapping in ADS (helps a lot with users on reverse proxies...)
  • Fixed behaviour of shutdowns when using CTRL+C on Linux.
  • Fixed behaviour of WriteAsString attribute (fixes config issue in 7d2d)
  • Added CPU model detection
  • Fixed speed not showing on running tasks that have them.

ADS Module

  • Gives better feedback on why an instance cannot be managed if it's not available.
  • Uses new instance state tracking to be way more responsive.
  • Requests to manage instances are now logged.
  • Starts to show more system info for controllers.
  • (Mostly) implemented instance specific roles and users

Instance Manager Core

  • Added appropriate errors and warnings for the situation where a user tries to start/create docker instances but is not part of the docker group.

Instance Manager CLI

  • Implement --strict flag to be used by scripts to ensure that all arguments are specified correctly with full parameters.
  • Updated help text re: release streams.
  • Added a warning if double clicked on in explorer rather than using the command prompt in Windows.

SteamCMD Plugin

  • Fixed windows users not being prompted for steam guard 2FA

Srcds Module

  • Refactored startup to avoid unnecessary path calculations.

The Forest Module

  • Added basic state handling and console handling.
  • Added most of the remaining settings.
  • Correctly set a sane config and save directory path.

Seven Days Module

  • Updated configuration to include new settings
  • Updated how configuration files are written to write enums out as strings correctly

Minecraft Module

  • Updated mechanism used to get Forge version data. Data is cached for a minimum of 24h.
  • Won't fall over if access is denied trying to read the plugin store directory

Windows Installer

  • Added options to install APIGen/PicoRCON under 'SDK' options.