This is a minor bugfix release, but also includes some previews of new features:

Note that there have been no updates to the instance manager, which remains on version for the time being.


  • WIP top-right corner search :)
  • Trim CPU model name in description
  • Correctly works out number of cores/sockets for multi-socket systems
  • Fix group/user handling for remote instances. Users created inside instances can't log into ADS anymore.
  • Fixed a bug where AMP would get stuck trying to monitor dead processes when using AMPCA on Windows.
  • Replaced SupportedOS with PlatformInfo to allow plugins/modules to have more info about the system.

Generic Module

  • New! Highly Experimental! Prone to spontaneous combustion!

Minecraft Module

  • Implement sleep-on-start (sleeps the server ASAP once its running)

ADS Module

  • Fixed provisining KVPs not been set properly (affects deploying srcds games)
  • Displays more information about remote targets

Windows Installer

  • Include VS2017 C++ Runtime.