is a hotfix that addresses a new issue where instances would refuse to start because of flags generation configuration issue within AMP.

You may need to run ampinstmgr --nocache ugpradeall to fix any remaining issues.

This release focuses significantly on improving ADSs usability, and also brings the Factorio module into a more usable state.


  • Updated Wiki links everywhere to point to the public github wiki instead.
  • Fixed a crash-on-exit if LastExitCode can't be written to (usually a permissions issue)
  • Webserver now logs the module/method that failed when an exception is thrown in response to an API call.
  • Added 'number' type mapping for float - Fixes the mulitplier settings in space engineers not showing up.
  • Refactor AMP instance info into a single entity for plugins/modules.
  • Changed plugin loading to use dependency overrides rather than value injections.
  • Improved styling for certain types of modal popup on the desktop (they're floating windows rather than stuck to the top)

AIM Command Line

  • Give feedback when a users request to rebind ADS is cancelled due to rejecting the prompt.

AIM Core

  • Added support for 'Bleeding' (CI) builds. Only available to patreon, network premium and Enterprise users.


  • Fixed not being able to create instances from a controller if one of the targets is offline (even on a different target)
  • Added a context menu item to instances to view their network/port usage. This will later become the place to change network bindings too.
  • Fixed calculation of which host to use when managing instances on remote targets
  • Added the ability to edit/remove remote targets from an ADS controller.

Factorio Module

  • Masively more implemented. Now has player tracking, settings and RCON. For the most part pretty feature complete.
  • Works well enough now that it's no longer marked as WIP in ADS.

ARMA 3 Module

  • Fixed config settings not being written properly due to MergeFieldsIntoFormat ignoring properties on anon objects. Now called MergeMembersIntoFormat and accounts for properties too.

Srcds Module

  • Tell the user what file was missing when the srcds server tries to start but the file is missing.

Minecraft module

  • Add a schedulable task to check for updates.
  • Fixed a crash of Java isn't intalled while trying to install Forge.
  • Fixed sleep mode being incorrectly activated when waked by the user if sleep-on-start is enabled.

Installer (Windows)

  • Remove RAM check (messes with VMs with dynamic memory)