This release focuses almost entirely on improving ADS usability and functionality, with some other minor bug fixes.


  • Make sure usernames are escaped when generating regexes to highlight usernames in consoles. Fixes users with certain characters in their names making the console stop working.

File Manager

  • Added a new permission to allow changing file extensions. Must be explicitly granted to be used.
  • Handle errors more gracefully if they occur when trying to extract an archive.


  • More consitently generate management URLs for local/remote instances.
  • Make sure IPv6 hosts have their URLs generated correctly.
  • When setting up targets, make sure the auth server is also set as the default auth server for new instances.
  • Obey the "CreateLocalInstances" setting in ADS.
  • Clarified some steps in the first time setup.
  • CPU service ratio is calculated using new PlatformInfo rather than Environment.ProcessorCount.
  • Updated application mappings to include Factorio on Windows.
  • Layout improvements on Mobile.
  • Allow controllers to create instances without having a licence key set if they're handing off to a remote target.
  • Removed unused 'service store' setting.
  • Replace word "Update/Updating" with "Refresh/Refreshing" in a few places to avoid confusion.
  • Fixed newly added targets not being refreshed until after the controller is restarted.

Instance Manager (CLI)

  • Show fewer flags when not using advanced mode.
  • Add a 'browse' command to open an instance in a web browser when run from a desktop environment.
  • Fixed OpenSSL arguments when using ConvCert.

Instance Manager (GUI)

  • No longer allows making changes if an ADS instance is running as a service.


  • When starting an instance, only re-apply network flags as opposed to all of the original provisioning settings.
  • (Windows) AIM can now check if a service instance is running or not without requiring admin permissions.