This release focuses a lot on the 7 Days to Die module, which is now a feature complete module ready for use! There's also the minor slew of bug fixes and minor feature improvements.

There is now some basic support for Steam Workshop, but it is still a work in progress and behaves a little inconsistently. You need to obtain the workshop item IDs from the steam store and add them directly, in the future we hope to have a more user friendly browser.

7 Days to Die Module

  • Massive update! Now feature complete for main requirements. No longer marked as WI
  • Added state tracking, user tracking, basic events tracking and basic user actions (kick/ban)
  • Showcase for new module custom metrics, game FPS is shown on the Status tab as an example

SteamCMD Plugin

  • Improved command line flag generation
  • Basic steam workshop support. For now just a list of workshop item IDs in the settings.
  • Better status reporting when downloading updates. Shows validating/allocating/downloading separately.
  • Added setting mappings (see IM Core) for various srcds applications, includes a sane default map.


  • Remove excessive spaces from CPU model names during detection.
  • CPU usage calculation now uses number of CPU cores/threads from newer platform info.
  • Modules can now expose custom metrics to be shown on the status page.


  • Show more information when instance creation fails

Instance Manager (Core)

  • Don't log sensitive arguments by default when creating instances.
  • Added support for setting mappings, allows for multiple configuration changes during provisioning

Instance Manager (CLI)

  • Added --log-sensitive flag to log sensitive arguments
  • No longer prompts for values with commands that only need optional values (startall/stopall)
  • Passwords that are prompted for are masked after being entered (you can see while typing, but then they're starred out)
  • Passwords that are prompted for require confirmation now.
  • Boolean values accept a wider selection of values (yes/no, y/n, etc).

Srcds module

  • No longer sets a default map (setting mappings may override)
  • Prompts user to change the map if none is set

Minecraft module

  • World selection source is now fault tolerant (permissions issues, etc)
  • Added missing 'view-distance' setting, as well as a max view distance setting for hosts to set an upper limit.
  • Fixed AMP permissions for kicking users