AMP 1.7

AMP 1.7 represents significant progress to some of the major milestones in AMPs roadmap. The 1.7 codebase will be focusing on permissions and management further as well as some of the features destined for the 1.8 milestones.

Important notes for users upgrading from AMP 1.6.x:

  • Using fast file transfers requires that Webserver.EnableFetchPostEndpoints is set to True in AMPConfig.conf (you will need to add this line if it does not exist), You can then enable Fast File Transfers in the configuration.
  • Websockets are disabled by default on previous AMP installations, you may enable them by setting Webserver.EnableWebSockets=True in AMPConfig.conf
  • If you are using ADS, you must also update all of your instances that you wish to manage.
  • Empty your browser cache after updating.
  • If you get the error "Authentication passthru is disabled on the controller" after updating, delete ADSModule.kvp from your ADS controller instance, restart it and re-run the setup process.

AMP release notes:


  • Added support for two-factor authentication via TOTP - This allows use of Google Authenticator, Authy and other TOTP compatible authenticators.
  • Fixed a logging bug that would prevent exceptions from being written out correctly.
  • Add support for 'keywords' on settings to help with searching (not yet used)
  • Fixed a bug that would cause AMP to crash if a websocket connection was interrupted unexpectedly.
  • Security Enhancement: API returns less information about AMP and loaded plugins when not logged in.

Instance Manager

  • Much faster startup, at the expense of it being less picky about port uage.
  • QuickStart actually checks if the proposed port is used by anything on the system (as opposed to just other AMP instances) and adjusts appropriately.
  • Missing parameters on commands are now prompted for.
  • Fixed 'SkipCache' being ignored when performing upgrades.
  • Fixed build issues that prevented 1.7 from running correctly on Debian systems.

Minecraft Module

  • Fixed a new bug that was incorrectly double-reporting an error, preventing the EULA prompt from showing.
  • Building Spigot logs BuildTools to AMPs log file (but not the console, yet)

File Manager

  • Logs whether files are being transferred in fast or slow mode for diagnostics.
  • Increase default chunk size for file saves from 80KB to 256KB.

AMP release notes:


  • Across the board various AMP components are being converted to use async logic more where possible. This generally improves the responsiveness of AMP and improves maintainability of the code base.
  • The ConsoleOutputRecieved event is now handled by AppServerBase (ModuleShared) rather than by individual modules.


  • Link-local (169.254.*.*) IP addresses no longer show up in IP address lists.
  • Added support for Websockets. Right now this is only used for the console but will be rolled out to other parts of AMP over time. This doesn't work inside ADS when managing an instance but fallback is automatic.
  • New 'account' page. The drop down menu in the top left for logging out has been removed. Clicking your user icon now shows you your profile where you can change your details.
  • Changed appearance of modal dialogs to be easier to see and look better.
  • Fixed "You do not have permission to use this method (WebMethods. GetAMPUserInfo) at this time." errors when logging into an instance that uses ADS for authentication.
  • Don't consume activations when using ADS even if a key is supplied.
  • Work in progress for 2FA (Google Authenticator) support. This is approximately 90% done.
  • Rate limiting now applies to websocket upgrade requests and fast file transfers.
  • Fixed an off-by-one error that caused January not to show up in the scheduler and triggers scheduled in December not to run (triggers will need re-adding).

Instance Manager CLI

  • Now auto-restarts ADS during the first-time setup to smooth out installation.
  • Fixed ampinstmgr 'stalling' for a long time when running any command due to it building an excessively long port mapping list.
  • Added option to UpgradeAll to only upgrade instances that are on the Mainline release stream.
  • Added a --skip-user-test flag to skip the test for a user mismatch.
  • Added a warning that you'll break everything if you try and rebind ADS.
  • Now shows parameter types for commands when using Help.
  • (Core) Fixed behaviour of sparse ranges so ports get handed out correctly.

File Manager Plugin

  • Added support for fast file transfers. This bypasses the API for uploading/downloading files. Note that when using this with ADS you must use ADSs file manager when uploading/downloading files. You won't be able to do so while managing a specific instance via ADS at this time.
  • Fixed notifications being left behind if an archive operation fails.

Local File Backup Plugin

  • No longer incorrectly shows a 'Backup failed' error when taking a backup that actually starts.

Minecraft Module

  • Now specifies a larger heap size by default when using Buildtools.
  • Fixed crash if file permissions cannot be resolved on Windows systems.

srcdsModule / SteamCMD Plugin

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the module to crash if a user spammed the 'Update' button.
  • Temporarily removed the map cycle tab as it's not functional. It will likely return at a later date.

ADS Module

  • Fixed instances randomly disconnecting while being managed.
  • When managing remote instances, failed API calls will be automatically retried 10x before giving up.
  • Improved IPv6 support. It's now possible to correctly manage instances that are bound to IPv6 addresses.