is a mini-release to just address a few minor issues that have been affecting people while SR2 is still being worked on:


  • Modules can now assign a new process to be monitored for resource usage instead of the one originally started.
  • Added the LOG_ENV_VARS environment variable which will log all environment variables when a process is started if set.
  • Removed the requirement to be in absolute paths, so AMP can be hosted in virtual directories now.

File Manager

  • The drop area for files has been extended to the full height of the screen.

SRCDS Module

  • Changed how startup works under Linux to fix instances not starting without an environment workaround.

This is the second release based on the new TITAN codebase, with a tonne of bugfixes and new functionality. Some of the functionality is API-level only (not yet exposed to the UI) but it's there and it works for people who want to get their hands dirty. Also a number of general QoL improvements and a new module!

If you have login issues such as the login screen not appearing, empty your browser cache, close all open browser windows, and login again.

Let me know how you get on in the comments below.


  • Webserver no longer fails on requests that lack a User-Agent header.
  • The -setpass command-line flag now implies -configonly - aborting startup when used (security measure)
  • API change: POST data is now purely a JSON blob, no longer URL encoded. The Session ID is now the SESSIONID field of the JSON blob that's passed along with all the parameter data. Makes API integration simpler and reduces the amount of data being sent over the wire.
  • Fixed the UpdateRolePermission API call to handle explicit deny properly (Set param is now NULLable)
  • PID of newly created processes is logged.
  • Implemented log rolling, each day at midnight the log will roll over to a new file.
  • Access to individual methods can be revoked using -Methods.MODULE.METHOD as a permission node.
  • Fixed menu items wrapping not being handled correctly (regression after switch to data-bound menu)
  • Wrapping check is now performed at all viewport sizes, not just in mobile view (fixes wrapping with missing fonts)

File Manager

  • Fixed a conversion issue (UTF8<->B64) that stopped UTF8 encoded files from being loaded or saved properly (but extended ANSI for accented characters still worked fine, causing confusion about what was actually broken)
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the file manager to request segments of a file multiple times over when using multi-byte character encodings.
  • The API call to get a file chunk now returns information on the number of bytes that were read (helps with previous issue)
  • Trashing a file that already exists in trash is now allowed, if a trashed file already exists then the new version is added with an incrementing number appended to the end


  • Updated to support the current version of the AMP API.

Minecraft Module

  • Fixed a bug in sleep mode that was using the wrong encoding to send messages to clients.
  • Fixed a bug in sleep mode that would cause AMP to crash if a network connection was aborted unexpectedly while sending the sleep response.

System User Manager Plugin (Used by ADS, IM)

  • Fixed the first line of /etc/passwd being skipped, omitting the root users details (first row was being treated as CSV header)


  • Fixed GSLT not working properly by re-ordering the parameters passed to srcds.
  • Fixed a crash if you tried to send console input after RCON disconnects (but server is still running).

ARMA3 Module

  • Added a setting to specify -autoinit in the command line flags.
  • Added RCON retry logic from other games (waits 10 seconds, retries every 10)

Starbound Module

  • Fixed a startup issue due to incorrect paths.

The Forest Module

  • New module!
  • Very basic, config and startup only. There's no monitoring, and no console (the game doesn't have one)
  • Only tested on Windows so far. Linux milage may vary.