This release improves on some of the changes introduced in 1480, and adds a small handful of new features along with a visual refresh. Let us know how you get on in the comments below.


  • Fatal exception handler now attempts to diagnose common failures and offers solutions.
  • Added a robots.txt to prevent search engines from crawling panels.
  • Visual refresh:
    • Color scheme has been changed slightly
    • 'Compact' view on the desktop reduces the main menu down to just it's icons
    • Reduced use of transparency effects improves performance
  • Fixed password changes not working.
  • Stopped reporting common user-error issues to the app report server (socket errors, permission errors, missing libraries)
  • Improved internal dignostics to better propose remedies when a known problem stops AMP from starting
  • Fixed a bad cast when trying to get the list of child processes under Linux.
  • It's now permitted for plugins to return 'null' when queried for their list of setting stores.
  • Plugins can now request a copy of the main authentication provider to allow external APIs/services to authenticate. Initially to be used by RCONPlugin to allow incomming connections for RCON passthrough.
  • Added a new 'Service Login' menu option to request single-purpose login tokens to be used by 3rd party services (such as RCON)

Instance Manager (plugin)

  • Caches the system architecture instead of querying it over and over again for each instance.
  • Checks that sqlite3 is installed as a library rather than insisting on the command line tool.

Instance Manager (Command line)

  • No longer permits any operations that modify the instance datastore if an ADS instance is running.

RCON Plugin

  • Source client no longer throws an exception if you try to send a message while it's closed, instead it fails silently.
  • Source server no longer throws an exception if a client disconnects unexepctedly mid-session.
  • Added the ability to enable RCON passthrough for use by external RCON clients. Must be enabled manually in RCONPlugin.kvp. This even allows you to add RCON support to servers that didn't originally support it!
  • To authenticate with RCON Passthrough, you must request a Service Login token via the user menu which will generate a Username:Key style token - you must use the entire token as the RCON password.

Minecraft Module

  • KCauldron is now marked as Deprecated as the original site is offline.

StarBound Module

  • Fixed bad working directory stopping SB from starting up with its default configuration.

SteamCMD Plugin

  • Should no longer refresh the page when hitting ENTER instead of clicking the submit button when entering steam login details.