AMP Beta 'TN/SR3' Release Notes

  • Last Post 02 November 2017
Mike posted this 02 November 2017

SR3 / 1.5 is a fairly significant release. Originally it was going to be held back until the rest of the permissions system was fixed, but the list of fixes and changes has gotten so long it seemed unreasonable to hold the other beneficial changes back from everyone.

Please note that this release drops support for Internet Explorer, Edge is now the only supported Microsoft browser - this is because IE11 lacks support for async operations.

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These change notes are so long that they will span multiple comments.


  • Dropped support for Internet Explorer 11 - Edge is now the only supported Microsoft browser. Windows 7 users should use Firefox or Chrome.
  • Misc UI tweaks to improve the experience on mobile devices.
  • Added a globally-disallowing robots.txt to prevent AMP installations from showing up in search engines.
  • Fixed client-side local notifications not being displayed (fixes file upload progress not showing in FileManagerPlugin).
  • Newly created users have their last sign in date set to now instead of being empty.
  • Fixed pre-1970 dates not working in Edge (they get capped to the epoch at the low end).
  • Re-implemented swiping to show/hide the main menu on mobile.
  • Changed how async tasks are handled to reduce stalling.
  • Fixed the licence system not binding properly when the webserver is set to bind to localhost.
  • The feature manager now allows plugin loads to be requested after the normal init stage. This allows plugins to be loaded selectively (e.g. depending on the OS)
  • The detection system can now tell if AMP is running inside Docker
  • The restriction whereby AMP will not run as root does not apply when AMP is running in a docker container.
  • API calls to get AMP user information now return the users IDs as required by other API calls.
  • Client side API for getCompleter is now a fluent API to keep chaining (e.g. someModule.someMethod.GetCompleter(params).onComplete(completeCallback).onFailure(failureCallback); )
  • When HTTPS is enabled, a number of additional security enhancing settings are applied including preventing MIME sniffing, additional XSS protection, and a content security policy.
  • If the twitter feed on the login page is blocked, the grey panel is no longer visible.
  • If the webroot directory is missing or cannot be read, AMP now gives an error at the panel URL rather than dying entirely.
  • Generating hashes for files no longer reads the entire file into memory.
  • Implemented 'user cannot change password'.
  • Fix parameter ordering for command invocation when using methods that have default values. (API enhancement)
  • Added an API call to cancel tasks as well as implement cancellable tasks. No UI for this yet.
  • Outgoing console activity is logged along with who did it.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the scheduler UI to fall over if you changed an instances module/plugins too much.
  • Fixed an issue where sending "??" as a console message resulted in garbage at the other end.
  • Changed CPU usage calculation to behave better on Linux, and to make the 'Multicore CPU Usage Calculation' setting behave.
  • Fixed an issue where certain schedule triggers couldn't be deleted.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash if duplicate roles were manually added to the datastore.
  • Fixed a bug where the scheduler UI would be unresponsive if the module for an instance was changed after scheduled tasks were added and are no longer valid.
  • Added general support for cancelling long-running tasks.
  • Methods that return a ActionEvent can use a RunningTask as a return value to automatically convert it.

Instance Manager (Command Line)

  • Added a new LastLog command that will show you the most recent log file for a given AMP instance. On Linux it uses $EDITOR if it's set, otherwise less. Notepad on Windows.
  • Waits longer to see if a given AMP instance started successfully or not. If it doesn't it now recommends use of the new LastLog command.
  • No longer permits instances to be created with ports lower than 1024 on Linux (which causes the instance to fail since it's not being run as root)
  • Specifying a licence key for attach is now optional for cases where it's not moved machines.
  • Fixed a stall when running on Ubuntu systems.
  • The word instance at the end of ampinstmgr commands is now optional. So now you can do ampinstmgr create blah.
  • More feedback when stopping instances.
  • Explains in more detail if a module isn't available on a given OS and why.
  • Fixed flags to disable caching not always working.
  • Shortend many of the commands so that the word 'instance' becomes optional. Old arguments remain backwards-compatible however.

*Changes continue below*

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Mike posted this 02 November 2017

The Forest Module

  • Removed Linux from the list of supported platforms (the game developer is no longer shipping a Linux binary)


  • Fixed the upload modal not showing the correct icons after the first upload.
  • Reduced the delay between dropping a file and the UI updating.
  • Implmented a virtual directory service (VDS), behaves kind of like a software defined symlink.
  • Fixed progress display when uploading files. Now shows ETA/Progress same as server-side transfer tasks.


  • Failing to create the Plugins directory no longer kills the instance, but logs the error instead. Usually caused by permissions issues.
  • Tweaked the chat regex to allow for users that have common types of rank tag before their name. E.g. [Admin] Hello World!
  • Tries harder to find Java installations on Windows where the runtime was not added to PATH.
  • Added a 'startup complete' handler for Bungee Cord and fixed startup arguments.
  • Fixed a crash if the whitelist.json contained malformed JSON.
  • Fixed a crash if access was denied to the server jar trying to check it's hash.
  • Spigot/Craftbukkit plugins that were installed outside of AMP now show in the plugin list.
  • Fixed failed plugin downloads leaving behind a notification, and an NRE after installing a new plugin after a previous.
  • The line normalizers are now used automatically regardless of what server type is selected. Solves the issue of servers being stuck in the 'starting' state if the wrong type is selected.
  • Added a new 'Custom' server type that lets you specify your own java flags and log normalizer.
  • Fixed Windows not being able to request specific versions of Spigot/CraftBukkit to install
  • Fixed scanning for plugin metadata for installed plugins.

RCON Plugin

  • Added the ability to auto-reconnect when using source RCON should the connection be lost. Enabled by default.
  • Fixed a crash if the server sends a duplicate message with the same ID while AMP is waiting for a message with a specific ID.
  • Added a 1s timeout to unauthenticated connections.

ARK Module

  • Automatically runs enablecheats PASSWORD when the RCON connects to make the console more usable.
  • Added more sanity checks to the startup procedure.
  • Changed how the startup time init works to accomodate extra settings (to be added later on)

SteamCMD Plugin

  • Fixed an NRE that occurs if steamcmd fails to download.
  • Changes to how the UDP logger accepts connections to be more reliable.

ADS Module

  • Added a setting to allow the use of Nightly builds
  • Use the new VDS to allow instances datastores to be managed via the web interface.
  • Fixed the status tracking and start/stop handling to behave, show notifications and generally be more responsive.

ARMA3 Module

  • Fixed the startup to accomodate changes to ARMA3/BattlEye - requires use of the 32-bit version of the server however.
  • Added setting to allow changing of the IP binding for the server.

Rust Module

  • Updated URL for installing OxideMod.

Local file backup plugin

  • Backup and restore operations can be cancelled (not exposed to UI yet)

Mike posted this 02 November 2017

Known Issues

  • Stopping a server in ADS shows "Starting Server" as the notification text. It performs the correct operation, but shows the wrong text.