This is mostly a bugfix and maintenance release with partial work towards SR4 and TITAN.


  • Make the ability to use passhtorugh auth toggleable and add an option to restrict it to loopback addresses only.
  • Removed some now unnecessary dev methods from the API.
  • User creation now returns an ActionResult.
  • New rule applies to user creation - username may not contain the '@' character (reserved for passthrough)
  • Implement streamed API responses (for supplying large file results, etc) - required for FileManager to supply large downloads.
  • Implement deleting users/roles, changing user details and user passwords in the new Users UI.
  • Create a super admin role by default. (Remove RoleInfo.json to trigger creation of this)
  • Pre-compile message handler regex'es by default. (Reduces CPU usage for message matching)
  • CTRL+C now performs a 'safe' shutdown, CTRL+Break performs an emergency shutdown.
  • Pressing CTRL+C first time on Linux gives an 'are you sure' message and explains how to stop viewing the log, a second CTRL+C will perform a shutdown.
  • GetUserInfo returns a list of Role IDs for which it is a member. Same applies to GetUsers()
  • Add UI for tasks to be cancelled (where those tasks support cancellation)
  • Include release spec/build date in AMPLastException
  • Fixed API browser (broken by previous JQuery update)
  • API browser shows the version of AMP it's showing data for.
  • Started upgrading schedule task params to support parameter types (ala configuration settings, not yet shown in UI)
  • Removed MultiAMP/MultiModule (Experimental modules whose original task will be performed by ADS)
  • Build type is shown in the UI for non-release builds.
  • JSONMethod API endpoints can now be async Task<t> to allow the use of async/await!
  • Module.Method.GetPromise(...) has been replaced by Module.MethodAsync(...) in the client-side API.
  • Async all of the things.

Minecraft Module

  • Additional sanity check during java path detection
  • Fixed an NRE scanning plugins
  • No longer tries to engage the sleep server if sleep isn't possible (due to non-vanilla-client required)
  • Tweak matching regexs to handle Bungee better and filter out line requests (Fixes Bungee not moving to 'Running' state)
  • Extra logging for screwy FTB installs
  • Fix FTB installation failing with "File doesn't exist" after download
  • Spigot compilation can now be cancelled.
  • Fix update notifications not being dismissed if they fail.
  • No longer checks for Java versions below v1.7 as it is no longer supported.

Backup Plugin

  • Backup create/restore can now be cancelled.

Space Engineers

  • Corrected setting names/descriptions

ARK Module

  • Fixed startup parameters
  • Add a KVP ui to add extra arguments/settings.


  • Fixed the warning for stopping an instance showing the wrong message.