This release is almost entirely bugfixes with no significant new features.

It's recommended that Linux users obtain the latest version of the instance manager.

Let us know how you get on in the comments below.


  • Added a new IP selection source for servers that don't work on (srcds)
  • Added sqlite as a static library on Linux. No longer required to be installed by the user.
  • Added an option to have AMP not override the standard CTRL+C behaviour.
  • Added a (working) 'View release notes' button when updates are available.
  • Improved error reporting when login server is unavailable.
  • Improved logging of permissions failures.
  • Improved call stack logging for exceptions.
  • Improved error reporting when certain system utilities are missing.
  • Fixed Authentication being initialized before command line args were checked (fixes 'invalid salt' on brand new instances)
  • Fixed CPU usage calculation in Windows. Was previously dividing by number of CPU cores twice.
  • Fixed AMP not behaving on Linux systems where xterm-256color is the default terminal type.
  • Fixed IP address settings not appearing as drop-down lists.
  • Fixed display names for virtualization platforms.
  • Removed 'Banner Image' plugin from those loaded by default.
  • Removed unused video element (caused black screen for some users)

Instance Manager (Common)

  • Added Friendly name and instance name are passed to the instance itself, which now stores them.
  • Improved time taken to create instances significantly.
  • Improved time taken to start/stop instances.
  • Improved method used to stop instances on Linux, uses SIGTERM and waits before SIGKILL.
  • Fixed licence check failing if AMP is bound to

Instance Manager (CLI)

  • Fixed instances being reported as having failed to start even though they are running fine.

Local file backup plugin

  • Fixed behaviour of .backupExclude files.

File manager plugin

  • Now shows if backup exclusions apply to files (but cannot edit exclusions yet, still needs to be done by hand)
  • Fixed certain file information not showing up in the right-side panel when selecting files.

Source Dedicated Server Module

  • Added support for 'Wingman' gamemode.

ARK Module

  • Added option to change player limit

Minecraft Module

  • Added support for new Minecraft snapshots (fixes server not moving from started -> running condition)
  • Improved logging for sleep related issues.
  • Fixed startup failure if contains duplicate entries (most recent is used)
  • Fixed sleep server trying to resolve IPs as hostnames (normally not an issue but some Linux systems don't like this)
  • Changed "Install / Update" to "Download / Update" - people were hitting install when providing their own Jars and surprised they got overwritten.

Rust Module

  • Added -logFile by default as an argument.
  • Added a setting to specify a different URL to download Oxide mod from.
  • Fixed RCON behavior when Rust is bound to