This release includes some significant changes to ADS and how instance creation works. Also note the breaking change to existing time based schedules.


  • Version TN/SR5-C
  • Added support for Uris as setting types.
  • Added a warning if system timezone isn't UTC.
  • Fixed error logging for not found situations when using RunUtility and similar.
  • Fixed a potential NRE upon login if AMP can't connect to its update server.
  • Fixed process.kill throwing an exception if the monitor proc (as opposed to startup proc) has already exited.
  • Fixed CPU usage calculation on Windows when system has SMT (Hyperthreading etc)
  • Now uses the total system installed RAM for applications that don't have memory limits (basically anything except MC)
  • Now checks $PATH for ldconfig on Linux instead of assuming fixed path.
  • Now uses 1-12 instead of 0-11 for months in the scheduler (Breaks existing schedules!)
  • Now uses BTLS as the default SSL implementation on Linux. Supports TLS 1.2.

Instance Manager (Core)

  • Added autoconfiguration for network ports and other incremental IDs.

Instance Manager (CLI)

  • Added new commands to autocreate instances (individual and bulk)
  • Added -version flag.
  • Added RestartAllInstances command.
  • Fixed starting instances for OSs running > Bash 4.4 due to a breaking change in bash.
  • Now Automatically syncs available SSL certificates against the system certificate store.

ADS Module

  • Added Simplified instance creation, by default just asks you what game you want to create and where you want to put it. Advanced settings remain available.
  • Added Hybrid control mode (Like controller, but allows local instances)
  • Added 'Convert to managed' for instances that are not currently managed by ADS under its current mechanism.
  • Improved logging of remote auth failures
  • Now responds proeprly to shutdown requests

ARK Module

  • Made use of BattlEye optional.
  • Fixed startup task not being removed if startup fails.

SteamCMD Plugin

  • No longer crashes if socat fails to run (bad args, unescaped params, etc)

Minecraft Module

  • Added some missing settings from
  • Fixed the "Accept EULA" prompt being shown over and over if the server fails to start immediately after accepting the EULA.

File Manager Plugin

  • Custom VDS directories can be edited via configuration now