This is a fairly significant release, including two new application modules (!!) - a host of improvements to ADS, an improved look for the Status page, a long slew of bug fixes, and an easier installation process for Linux users.

Linux users: It is required that you update to the latest version of ampinstmgr or your instances will not function correctly! Simply re-download replacing the existing binary

AMP Core

  • Added a 'Wake Up' button for servers that are sleeping (Only affects Minecraft module as its the only one that supports this)
  • Improved behaviour of the logger, handles coloring better and does proper color resets. Generally looks better when viewing live.
  • Tweak the behaviour of the 'Linux buffer fix' trick to accommodate running applications with double quotes in their parameters.
  • New design for Status page, no longer uses the overlapping graphs.

Instance Manager (CLI)

  • Added option to skip network test on instance creation
  • Added --quickstart (quick) function to rapidly create an ADS instance on ./ampinstmgr quick USERNAME PASSWORD - optionally accepts a port and IP binding as extra arguments.
  • Changed command handling behavior to not care as much about - vs --
  • Fixed an issue where help wouldn't work for methods that have optional arguments.
  • Fixed signature sync behavior in situations where old certificates need removing.

ADS Module

  • New instance creation UI - auto-configures everything by default unless you opt for a standalone instance.
  • Added support for Hybrid mode.
  • Fixed issues with instance statuses not updating properly.
  • Fixed issues with managing remote ADS instances.
  • Changed wording to clarify that a licence is optional during setup but will be required to create instances.

Minecraft Module

  • Fixed log parsing for NukkitX

ARMA 3 Module

  • Added support for the 64 bit version of the server (32 bit to be removed?)

7 Days to Die Module

  • New module!
  • Full configuration, startup and shutdown - no player tracking or other functionality.

Factorio Module (Linux only)

  • New module!
  • Basic configuration (network only), startup and shutdown - no player tracking or other functionality.
  • Note: glibc 2.18 or newer is required. CentOS 7 and some older distributions only ship with 2.17 as standard.

SRCDS Module

  • Added setting for SourceTV port

Rust Module

  • Fixed some settings being transposed with each other and bad configuration.
  • Added support for the full Rust map list with a drop down menu.

All Modules

  • Added missing provisioning flags, required to allow ADS to auto configure.
  • Moved a lot of functionality that was repeated in each module to AppServerBase - massive refactor, much more maintainable.

Backup Plugin

  • Changed backup behavior, no longer injects the module name into the path (restores now behave as expected)
  • Implemented a schedule task to restore a specific backup.

RCON Plugin

  • Implemented Telnet support (required for 7 days to die)