This release mostly consists of bug fixes and minor QoL tweaks while major features are being worked on.


  • Added user-specific permissions. (Only works for new users)
  • Added warning in AMPConfig.conf not to change ports manually.
  • Added logging when trying to use a session belonging to a different IP (diagnosis for multihoming issues)
  • Added a setting (Monitoring.LogLevel) in AMPConfig.conf to change log level.
  • Added logging for all task failures.
  • Fixed stalling and timeouts on Windows systems, caused by waiting on WMI to provide stats.
  • Fixed error not showing if user details can't be updated
  • Improved layout of new Status screen to compress better and not overflow on narrow windows.
  • Improved logging for authentication failures
  • Improved behavior inside Docker.
  • Removed screen from dependencies list on Linux.

Instance Manager (Core)

  • Instances that fail to create are no longer added to the datastore
  • Improved logging for instance creation and autoconfiguration.
  • Improved startup for Docker instances to now automatically handle all of the ports in use by that instance.

Instance Manager (CLI)

  • Improved how certificate syncing works to make it more reliable.
  • Silently restarts automatically if needed to make environment changes.
  • Quickstart automatically starts created instances.
  • Fixed bad data in /etc/passwd causing crash when creating instances.
  • Removed ./ from the start of recommended ampinstmgr commands.


  • Double clicking an instance now manages it by default.
  • Instance menu is now right click instead of left-click (follows file manager convention)
  • Style improvements
  • Massively improved logging and error handling when trying to manage and communicate with remote instances.

Minecraft Module

  • Added initial support for Bedrock servers.
  • Fixed behaviour of the 'Specific Version' release stream when using the official server.

Backup Plugin

  • Changed default manifest filename to avoid conflicts with Minecraft (both have a manifest.json file)

Srcds Module

  • Added the -1 value for sv_pure