This is a minor bugfix release with a couple of very minor new QoL features.

AMP Core

  • Fixed 'GetUtilityOutput' call not removing stray whitespace from output. (Fixes Docker on Linux)
  • Fixed List settings not being updated correctly when modifying their value via the UI
  • No longer submits error reports if an unsigned/custom plugin/module is loaded.
  • Fixed ApplicationProcess.Kill() failing when a separate monitor process is in use and the base proc stops while the monitor is still running.

Instance Manager (Core)

  • Fixed Docker instances not starting correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused instance enumeration to throw if the main AMP executable is missing.
  • Autoconfigure no longer fails if unmanaged instances are present. Warns in this situation as it cannot guarentee valid settings anymore.

ADS Module

  • Fixed successful authentications being incorrectly logged as failures.
  • Fixed fields not being clickable during first-time setup.

Minecraft Module

  • Added an ownership check on the jar file being executed on Windows to accommodate inexperienced users.
  • Fixed message handler for player join events.

File Manager

  • Fixed pasting
  • Added "Download file here" option. Will fetch a file from a URL. Normal rules about extensions and access permissions still apply.