This release focuses on improving existing functionality, especially within ADS and features require for the new first-start experience.


  • Added missing error states for authentication issues related to Passthru Auth (tells you more about what's wrong)
  • API correctly handles situation where JSONResponse objects are being fed back to an async API caller.
  • Fixed managed instances only being accessible via ADS rather than by their own address.
  • All task failures are now logged regardless of the cause or origin.
  • During startup version check, AMP will shut down if its version is below the acceptable minimum.
  • Bulk library and dependency updates.
  • Setting stores can now handle GUIDs correctly.
  • Super Admin role can no longer be deleted.
  • Users can no longer delete roles that they are a member of.
  • Allow use of IEnumerable rather than Lists for string selection sources, reduces allocations.
  • Schedulable tasks can now return an ActionResult so they get logged if there's a failure of any kind.
  • Auth failure time window and attempts count is now configurable (5 attempts in a 5 minute window as default, same as before)


  • Fixed a race condition when adding console entries rapidly.

Instance Manager CLI

  • Force argument for ChangeInstanceStream is now optional (default: False)
  • Now shows parameter types for commands.
  • Now correctly checks for a running ADS instance, won't allow instance changes while ADS is running.
  • Checks if Docker is installed before trying to use it.
  • Checks if an AMP user exists when using a different user.
  • Many uncommon commands are now hidden from help, requiring the use of the --advanced flag to show (but not to use)

Instance Manager Core

  • Fixed behaviour of GetProvisionArguments for AIM on Linux.
  • Added missing provisioning data for all instance types to correctly hand out network settings.

ADS Module

  • First time wizard correctly sets Passthru mode when using a Hybrid/Standalone setup.
  • Minor style tweaks and improvements.
  • Port usage ranges are now implemented and being used.

Minecraft Module

  • Added spawn protection radius setting (Spigot only)
  • Added option to use system installed RAM as 100% mark rather than the Java max heap size.
  • Update log handlers for bungee, forge, FTB.
  • Fixed an NRE if the op list is invalid.

Backup Plugin

  • Now checks for manually deleted backup archives when calculating currently available space.

7 Days to Die Module

  • Now allows you to use the experimental build.
  • Added new settings for the experimental build.

Local File Backup Plugin

  • Added new setting to specify a maximum size limit for a single backup.

File Manager Plugin

  • Increased default chunk size from 256KB to 16MB - should improve upload speeds significantly on non-LAN connections.
  • File info pane is now usable on mobile.
  • Logs when a user downloads a file (uploads were already logged)
  • Fixed 'dirty' notice in file editor showing off-screen.