AMP Controller Backend Connection Loss

  • Last Post 04 July 2020
theDarkPotato posted this 27 June 2020

OS: Windows Server 2019 Datacenter (Controller: Desktop Experience; Target: Server Core w/ FoD) Product: CubeCoders AMP v10.9.9.10 (b. 23-Jun-20)

Problem: The AMP Controller locks up after a while, with following error: 'Reconnecting Your connection to the AMP backend was lost. AMP will attempt to reestablish a connection.. If you chose to have your password remembered, you will be logged in automatically without interruption.'

The Controller is clearly pingable and refreshing the page wout/ cache (Ctrl+F5) results in the page being reloaded, but continuing to display the error.

Reading the logs, it seemed to be a target failing to connect, however this issue was resolved the same error is occuring. This issue is UNLOGGED by the ADS Instance.

Steps to Reproduce: Configure a split deployment

Actions Taken so far: Resolved bad connections to the ADS Controller.

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Domekologe posted this 04 July 2020

I have the same issue with Firefox. Did you try it with Google Chrome? With that browser all is working fine.

theDarkPotato posted this 04 July 2020

We've been discussing this on the bug tracker. It is a known issue and not browser dependant. We've tried Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox and Chrome. Mike told us it has been fixed in the nightly build