AMP Default Auth Server is not Defined.

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theDarkPotato posted this 27 June 2020

OS: Windows Server 2019 Datacenter (Controller: Desktop Experience; Target: Server Core w/ FoD)
Product: CubeCoders AMP v10.9.9.10 (b. 23-Jun-20)

Problem: When deploying AMP in a split setup (aka. Controller/Target) default the "Default auth server" "New Instance Default" is not set at all by the setup wizard, nor does any vague documentation provided with the software note that it must be set when standing up a split deployment

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Stand up 2 VM's running Windows Server 2019 Datacenter (e.g. VM1; VM2)
2. Install the AMP Instance Manager (AIM) and Standup an ADS Instance as a controller on VM1
3. Install the AMP Instance Manager (AIM) and Standup an ADS Instance as a target on VM2, setting the controller to VM1 4. Through the controller ( create a new game "Instance" on the "Target" VM2

Attempt to Access that new Target that you just created, You should error out with an error complaining about an authentication token.

The Cause is because the "Default Auth Server" Variable has not been defined, nor documented to be defined. Without it, targets seem to have no idea who to authenticate with.

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Mike posted this 27 June 2020

Steps to reproduce are insufficient to diagnose this issue.

theDarkPotato posted this 28 June 2020

Hi Mike,
This problem report has now been amended, please review again.