AMP doesn't wake Minecraft server when Bedrock clients try to log in

  • Last Post 12 April 2021
plympton posted this 12 April 2021

OS Name/Version: Linux (Ubuntu)

Product Name/Version: Amp v2.1.0.14, built 08/04/2021 18:11

Problem Description: Minecraft server won't wake up. I'm using Spigot-Geyser to facilitate iOS users to connect to a Java (PaperMC) server

Steps to reproduce: Start Minecraft server (PaperMC). Sleep server Try to connect with iOS device - fail Try to connect with Java Minecraft client - server wakes, sends message, disconnects user, starts up

Actions taken to resolve so far: Tried all options of sleep/wake (ping), nothing works. Assume it's not looking for connections from port 19132

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Mike posted this 12 April 2021

Sleep is not supported with Bedrock or non java clients as they use a different protocol. This is not likely to be supported.

plympton posted this 12 April 2021

Thanks for the quick reply. It's not a huge deal, the price was low enough, but now I need to figure out how to pause the server (or just stop time) when player count goes to 0. I just want time to be the same when players rejoin.

Please put that info in the features list, as I bought AMP primarily for that feature as I have low-use Minecraft servers I want to sleep until players want to connect, and they all use Bedrock clients (iOS). Since the McMyAdmin page is really the documentation for the Minecraft part, I just relied on a thread in support here stating that McMyAdmin supported PaperMC “fine” and this on the McMyAdmin page:

Reduce server costs McMyAdmin has a unique server sleeping feature not found in any other control panel. It allows you to save resources by stopping the Minecraft server, but still be able to accept players. When a player connects, the server is woken up. The entire process is quick, seamless, fully automated, and turned on with just a single setting.

Mike posted this 12 April 2021

McMyAdmin and AMP are separate products entirely. McMyAdmin doesn't support Bedrock at all, it predates it. Java only.

Assume that any references to Minecraft refer to the Java edition unless it explicitly says Bedrock Edition since they are separate games.