AMP instances refusing to start after upgrade to

  • Last Post 08 August 2017
shrapnel999 posted this 08 August 2017

OS Name/Version: Windows Server 2012

Product Name/Version: AMP Professional

Problem Description: If I create a new instance or upgrade an old one to the new amp version it stops running.

Steps to reproduce:

Step 1 Create instance

Step 2 select space engineers module Step 3 Modify port number

Step 4 Add admin password

Step 5 Create instance

Step 6 Attempt to start instance

Step 7 Watch as nothing happens

Actions taken to resolve so far:

I have disabled antivirus service and removed/re added the instance multiple times now. Tried from an admin account and a standard account both do the same thing. Ran a repair install of the Instance Manager, rebooted, I had a Minecraft server running on the previous version without a problem. I upgraded it to the new amp version and now it also refuses to start just like the new blank space engineers server.

Yes finally got some logs to record (was not even making proper log files before) here is the log file from the space engineers server now

seems to indicate an error with the license.

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harry7877 posted this 08 August 2017

I'm having a similar issue. My logs are pointing towards the activation servers.

Mike posted this 08 August 2017

I've sorted this out - you'll need to delete your files and re-update the affected instances.