AMP manager not responding when uploading a large number of files/ mods (miencraft)

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QuantumRage posted this 3 weeks ago

every time I upload allot of mods to the server the AMP manager just stops responding. if i refresh the page i just get stuck with the spinning wheel and eventually i restart the instance from my task manager any ideas why? it does create allot of notifications when each file is uploaded

as a side note. where is the install folder for my Minecraft server. i could just dump all the mods in the mods folder if I could find it. however. it does not appear to be inside C:\Program Files\CubeCoders Limited

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QuantumRage posted this 3 weeks ago

ok so I found the datastore BUT it's installed on a different mass storage drive. a spinning disk and not an SSD. how do i move the install folder to my SSD? i tried running the install process again but I couldn't see an option to change install location

Mike posted this 3 weeks ago


50 second mark.