AMP Minecraft Server -- No Spigot/CraftBukkit Versions

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bonsaieas posted this 3 weeks ago

OS Name/Version:
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on 64-bit machine

Product Name/Version:
AMP Version

Problem Description:
I'm not getting any versions in the drop-down menu for Spigot or CraftBukkit.

Steps to reproduce:

Step 1 Go to local minecraft instance ("Manage")
Step 2 Go to Configuration
Step 3 Select Minecraft tab
Step 4 Select "Server Type" > Spigot
Step 5 See "Spiggot/Craftbukkit Version" drop-down is empty

Actions taken to resolve so far:
Checked internet connectivity
Checked websites to Spiggot/CraftBukkit to see if down (they were not)
Checked the different release streams (all lead to empty Version drop-down.)

I am able to see versions for Official, Paper, Forge, and others.
I do not know when this started, but I was able to select versions when I bought this product two months back.