AMP not prompting for password when adding new workshop items

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praurb posted this 5 weeks ago

Hey there,

I've noticed that AMP won't prompt for a password when adding new workshop items. To reproduce this issue, create a fresh Arma 3 instance and add workshop items. After updating the server, restart the whole instance and add another workshop item. AMP is trying to login to steam using "anonymous" and won't prompt for login details. I also see no option to use the account I've purchased the game with.

The error output in console is "Warning: failed to init SDL thread priority manager: SDL not found"

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praurb posted this 5 weeks ago

Also, it seems like the Arma Server won't even start when workshops are being used.

Mike posted this 5 weeks ago

It's a known issue - normally SteamCMD asks for login details whenever it needs them, and sees that prompt and passes it to the user. But for some reason it doesn't bother to do that for workshop items so AMP doesn't know that authentication is required.