AMP: Search bar covers controls on pages

  • Last Post 05 November 2018
jkent posted this 20 October 2018

OS Name/Version: Debian Stretch 9.5

Product Name/Version: AMP Nightly

Problem Description: Upper right search bar covers controls on pages.

I'm running Chromium 69.0.3497.92 on my desktop. Here's how it looks

Only workaround i have is to resize the page or zoom until the mobile view shows up.

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Mike posted this 20 October 2018

Hmm lots of things aren't quite laid out right there - try installing the MS fonts package:

apt-get install ttf-mscorefonts-installer && fc-cache -fv

Can you also let me know what font it's falling back to there?

jkent posted this 21 October 2018

Hi Mike,

The font that was being used was "Liberation Sans"

Installing the MS fonts fixed the layout.

jkent posted this 05 November 2018

I'm afraid to mark this as solved since installing the MS fonts is kinda a workaround... Mike, are you planning on looking into this? Also to clarify, the system running the browser was Debian testing.

Mike posted this 05 November 2018

I am yes. The search bar is actually going to get used soon so I'll have to fix it anyways.