AMP Service Login token bug

  • Last Post 30 March 2018
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drhax9908 posted this 30 March 2018


I tried generating a service login token for AMP Rcon Passthrough, and the token i got was not a token at all, I won't be giving my username in this message, so lets go with billy for the username bit. When I generated the token, it said it was billy:undefined

I don't know if manually updating the instance IP caused this, but it's odd to me.

Is this a bug, or is it just me?

EDIT: to clarify, I'm using the SRCDS module on AMP

EDIT 2: I should mention that the undefined token issue happened more than once, I tried generating another token, it happened again

Mike posted this 30 March 2018

Upgrade to the current nightly build which has a fix for that.