AMP unable to access server files via symlink

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f16v1per posted this 4 weeks ago

OS Name/Version: Unraid 6.8.3

Product Name/Version: AMP Release "Ganymede" v2.1.0.12

Problem Description: AMP unable to access files via symlink

Actions taken to resolve so far: While running a very basic minecraft server with only myself in it, I get immense amounts of lag (20,000ms) on a dated but still capable machine (FX-8350, 32GB RAM). In an attempt to reduce server lag I attempted to move the server files to an unassigned disk, off of the cahce drive in the array. I then created a symlink from the instance folder that was moved to the external SSD back to where the instance folder was originally located on the cache drive. I can see the symlink in Windows SMB and in the Unraid terminal however AMP is no longer able to start the instance. Looking in AMP's virtual file browser it does not see the symlink.

I then tried moving the instance folder back onto the cahce drive except for the Minecraft folder where the server files are located. I created another symlink with the Minecraft folder on the external SSD as the source to the instance folder on the cahce drive. Using the virtual file browser, AMP is able to see the files inside the instance folder but not the Minecraft symlink I had created.

f16v1per posted this 4 weeks ago

Writing this for anyone else who tries to do what I attempted. I believe my poor performance is caused by an improperly setup cache drive. I may be writing to the parity drive for every read/write done to the minecraft world which would definitely explain the extreme amounts of lag I was getting.

As it turns out, docker containers cant handle symlinks. However volume mappings do the exact same thing. I moved the contents of the Instances folder to my unassigned ssd and created a path in the container settings of AMP.

My setup: Container Path: /home/amp/.ampdata/instances/

Host Path: /mnt/disks/UNASSIGNED_DEVICE/servers/(contents of instances folder)