ARK AMP Instance Basically Has 5% Of The Features ASM Ark Manager Can Give

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NullyNuggat posted this 09 October 2017

Starting out I actually wish the ARK Instance on AMP wasn't so empty, nothing in network. No multiplier settings or server configs. Basically just bread and butter with no extras. Have to struggle manually with the config in the server files just to get something to work.

Would really love the 100+ features to come to the server config folder to easily just use a scroller or input a multiplier & check down checklists and stuff.

Just to put on a side note that this is just a suggestion to improve the AMP ARK Instance basically to the standard of other ARK Server Managers. It would make AMP even more amazing than it is at the current moment since it's so very easy and simple to use

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Mike posted this 09 October 2017

Don't worry, it's coming :) Ark is a bit of a pain because the sheer number of settings it has is ridiculous compared to other games. But they will all be added soon.

NullyNuggat posted this 09 October 2017

Yeah along with the error logging and crap happening now crashing the servers and also the constant updates even after-release.. It's a glorious way to say, whelp there goes my life when thinking about implementing such structure!!! ;')