ARK Server - Mod installation and update

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IdefixRC posted this 20 May 2019


I already received help via Discord for part one of the issue:

Problem 1 (solved via discord) adding 19 mods to the steam workshop page after server installation - no mod was downloaded. Current version: v1.8.0.0, built 14/05/2019 14:19 limits the number of mods to 9. After that, the update string gets too long and throws an error. Adding 9 at a time successfully downloads them all.

Problem 2 (open) SteamCMD downloads the mods to: /home/AMP/.ampdata/instances//arkSE/376030/steamapps/workshop/content/346110/793605978

There they remain and the server does not pick them up during/after update or startup in order to copy them to: /home/AMP/.ampdata/instances//arkSE/376030/ShooterGame/Content/Mods where they are required. This also means that the xxxx.mod files which need to be located in this folder are not created.

Help is appreciated (will post an update here once I got it running).

Mike posted this 20 May 2019

Steam Workshop isn't fully implemented yet. AMP will perform the download but doesn't know how to move the mods into the correct place yet (since this is different for every game)