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o0laxkilla0o posted this 4 weeks ago

Amp Callisto v2.2.0.6 Ubuntu 20.04

I have looked for support posts regarding Generic AMP configurations. I am looking for any documentation on what would be modified in order to create a SteamCMD server. Looking to see if I can get Project Zomboid running. I have a running steamcmd project zomboid server in a ubuntu container now. I have also fumbled around looking at various configs as the AMP user but would like documentation if any existed.

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AbhorrentJoel posted this 4 weeks ago

There is a whole wiki entry about this on the CubeCoders github available here. Also, along with the AMP release, a Generic config generator has been created, which is available here.

Those are the two things I am aware of that should assist you the most.

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o0laxkilla0o posted this 4 weeks ago

Thanks for the replay... I thought my internet sleuthing was good enough to find these pages. Looks like I have plenty of options ill see what I can make happen.