Backup Plugin - Sticky Not Honored

  • Last Post 04 January 2018
drakmir posted this 03 January 2018

OS Name/Version:

Ubuntu 16.04 BaseOS, Docker 17.11.0-ce (Running Ubuntu Xenial Base Image)

Product Name/Version:


Problem Description:

The backup plugin is sending a JSON to the back end with "Sticky" : "false" in all cases. This results in the backups not being marked as sticky.

Steps to reproduce:

Go to Backup Enter a Name Enter a Description Switch the Sticky to "True" Look at JSON transmitted to server, note that Sticky is false.

Actions taken to resolve so far: Changed Number of Backups to various settings from blank, 1 -> 999 Changed Max Backup size to various settings from blank, 1 - 1000000000

Also possibly related is that the notification popup ends up with a blank bar (no information) during many of the attempts. Especially if the maximum backup setting is set to 1.

Mike posted this 04 January 2018

We're looking into this.