Black Browser Screen when trying to manage instance

  • Last Post 12 January 2019
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Jeff posted this 12 January 2019

OS Windows Server 2012R2 Product Name/Ver AMP Module 1.003 Minecraft Problem Description: After instance is started, selecting management start IE with tab labeled AMP-Application Management, but screen is black. With url refresh, can transiently see AMP logo, and presumably the application management page, but black overly immediately covers this. Steps to Reproduce and Actions Taken to Remedy: Have stopped and restarted instance, stopped instance and copied over latest nightly, AMP GUI and instance start with no problem, but browser black screen persists. Actually just now solved this by using latest Firefox build - was using IE11, default browser, which is giving black screen - thought you might want to be aware of this. I have not until now had any problems using the IE11 browser, including with McMyadmin 2.

Mike posted this 12 January 2019

IE11 is not supported (Support was withdrawn quite some time ago). You must use Edge or another browser.

It's supposed to show you an error message explaining why but a recent change broke the message box on IE11, ironically.