Can not create a new instance

  • Last Post 05 October 2020
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OrionPax posted this 05 October 2020


I have AMP running on a Windows10 Pro machine and i have created 1 Minecraft Instance that is running fine. When i try to create a new instance i am presented with the following error message:

Failed to create instance
The key specified in the configuration is not a valid licence key.

So i thought io would check if i was using the right key. When i request the log-in link and try to download the registration key and logged in I noticed that the the usage number stated 0/5 which obviously is incorrect because i already have a minecraft server running.

How can i add another instance and should i correct something regarding this license usage issue?

OrionPax posted this 05 October 2020

Never mind, i solved it. Somehow my license number got deleted