Cannot login into game instances, after I enabled HTTPS.

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AndreasTheDead posted this 12 January 2019

I enabled HTTPS on my Server and now I cannot go from my Control instance to my game instances. I get the error: "Failed to login to remote instance - Specified instance unavailable, check ADS log."

I would try if the login in the Instances is possible, but I cannot create a user in the instances and my admin login doesn't work in other instances except for my control instance. In the Other instances, I get the error "Login server unreachable".


Server Settings:

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Mike posted this 12 January 2019

Have you updated the configuration for your instances to change the login server from HTTP to HTTPS?

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Rac00n posted this 16 January 2019

I had the same problem which had something to do with how the pfx certificate was created. Did you create th pfx from a certificate and key (crt/pem)?

If so, try to verify it against this command I've used - with a certificate created by letsencrypt - which worked fine:

openssl pkcs12 -export -in "/<your>/<path>/<to>/<cert>.pem" -inkey "/<your>/<path>/<to>/<privkey>.pem" -out "<your-pfx>.pfx" -passout pass:"<your-pass>"

Also check if the pfx certificat can be access by AMP.

Second - maybe you'd want to bind the IP to your server IP instead of using all available: