change of email overwrites old account

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thejams13 posted this 18 May 2019

I bought more keys. But somehow it used a different email. I was able to access both accounts. Then I saw the merge accounts button. I gave that a try but because my accounts also had different names. The last name is the same, just different first name. Because back when I got the old account my mom helped me buy it. Now that I am older I can do it myself. After the merge failed. I saw the change email button as well. I was mad and not thinking straight that I thought o just because that didn't work I will just change the email of the old account to the new account and they will merge that way. I was wrong. Then the new account over wrote the old accounts keys. Hopefully you can understand what I am saying. I have been using mcmyadmin forever. Love it. then when amp came I was amped.

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Mike posted this 22 May 2019

Send an email to with your address in. The old account won't be lost.

thejams13 posted this 22 May 2019

will do Thanks

thejams13 posted this 15 June 2019

I sent an email. I still didn't get a response.

Mike posted this 16 June 2019

I'm not seeing anything, can you send another just in case it got lost?

thejams13 posted this 16 June 2019

sure will do