Changing ADS01 Port without loosing Login

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guru-bug posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi, i use AMP for MC/Paper 1.17 on Ubuntu 21.04 on a Contabo VPS. I want to swap the ports of ADS01 (8080) and my MC Bluemap (8100), that Users get the Minecraft Bluemap by entering the domain name without the :8100 and donĀ“t get my AMP Manager. I remeber i tried this one time last year, which destroyed my amp installation (no chance to get the login page again). I found that the right way is to use "ampinstmgr rebind" - so if i simply change the Port of the ADS01 with rebind, is that safe, that i can reach the login again? Does this rebind autom. open the new port at the firewall?

Mike posted this 5 days ago

Did you configure AMP to use a domain with HTTPS when you first installed it?

The correct way to handle this by the way would be to put Bluemap on its own subdomain and configure nginx as a reverse proxy for it. It's far less work than moving AMP to a new port and all the configuration that goes along with it.