Collection of ideas for new AMP modules

  • Last Post 01 November 2018
SirOndeth posted this 31 October 2018

Hi Mike (and folks of course), just a few "module ideas" as I don't have access to Twitter right now ;-)

TeamSpeak 3 module

(as suggested by NeoXen in early and late 2017 in the old and new forum) ...would be really, really glad to have this module as I'm currently hosting 'a few' TS3 servers and centralising them would be more than AWESOME^^

A basic HTTP(S) web server module ...same thing as TS3 module - maybe for hosting game-related wiki's, clan websites, server status pages, maybe even small game server forums, bug tracking / ticketing php software etc - I think that would be kind of neat and usable for everyone over here

Eco game server

...would be nice, I think I read that already on Twitter a few days before (copied for the sake of completeness)


...10.000%, no words needed ! :-D


...I think I read that on Twitter and copied for the sake of completeness


...same thing over here

Maybe there are any other module ideas spooking around in our heads (31/10/18 - what a pun!) or I forgot sth, so let's create a small collection thread out of this ^^

Mike posted this 01 November 2018

TS3 is something we've looked at, but its really not a priority - Discord has all but taken over.

A web server module isn't going to happen. AMPs internal application server isn't designed for it (it's designed to be good at static content and API calls only)

Eco is likely to happen, Satisfactory definitely will if they actually release public server files.

DayZ and OpenTTD are doable but lower priority.

There's one unofficial module being built by someone on the Discord server for FiveM which will be the first unofficial module to actually get released by the looks of things.