CPU Calculation is wrong (Single or Multicore calculation)

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Possemaster posted this 2 weeks ago


OS Name/Version: Windows 10 Pro x64 (Core I7 8700k CPU)

Product Name/Version: AMP and AMP

Problem Description: CPU calculation is incorrect. On single core calculation it always goes to 100% and never comes down. On multicore calculation it goes to 1 or maybe 2% and that's it

Steps to reproduce: Configured a setting and started PREGEN command (uses Multiple cores)

Actions taken to resolve so far: Tried single and Multicore calculation. Adjusted the config file to Performance.AffinityMask=4095 for 6 core / 12 thread CPU, al NOGO

CPU Util

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NeoXen posted this 2 weeks ago

Duplicate of this post

Mike posted this 2 weeks ago

Which application module is in use?

Possemaster posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi Mike. I only use Minecraft servers if that is what you are asking.