OS Name/Version:

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, running on 1x Intel Atom 330 1.6GHz 2C/4T 1734MB RAM

Product Name/Version:

AMP v2.0.2.0

Problem Description:

Instance Name is not visible anywhere on the page if ‘Manage in new tab’ option is used. When managing multiple instances on separate tabs, it is almost impossible to see which instance is which. Please add the instance name in top left corner when opened in a new tab, in the same way that it is visible when managed normally (ie not in a new tab)

See Pic:Instance name

Steps to reproduce:

On instances page, select ‘manage in new tab’ (Have used Safari and Firefox on 10.12.6, iPad 13.5.1, Firefox on Ubuntu 20.04)

Actions taken to resolve so far:

Instance Name is visible in top left corner of window only when 'Manage' (on same tab) is used