When I go to enable HTTPS in the configuration profile, I set it to true and set the path to my certificate. Then I start MCMA2 and I go to bring up the web interface and I am presented with this error. It does recognize my certificate correctly as before loading the error, Chrome and Safari prompt me to accept the certificate. I tried looking for old discussions on how to fix this but the links were dead.

Full Error

"500 - Unrecognized HTTP method: ET HttpServer.BadRequestException: Unrecognized HTTP method: ET ---> System.ArgumentException: Invalid HTTP Method at HttpServer.Messages.Parser.RequestLineEventArgs.set_Method(String value) at HttpServer.Messages.Parser.HttpParser.OnFirstLine(String[] words) --- End of inner exception stack trace --- at HttpServer.Messages.Parser.HttpParser.OnFirstLine(String[] words) at HttpServer.Messages.Parser.HttpParser.ParseFirstLine() at HttpServer.Messages.Parser.HttpParser.Parse(Byte[] buffer, Int32 offset, Int32 count) at HttpServer.HttpContext.ParseBuffer(Int32 bytesLeft) at HttpServer.HttpContext.OnReceive(IAsyncResult ar)"