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  • Last Post 01 June 2021
Rulenine posted this 31 May 2021

Hi all,

I'm using AMP to manage a minecraft server. I have the panel access with file manager, but can't seen to figure out where on my CentOS server AMP is putting all the files. I'm uncomfortable only being able to manage it from the amp panel - I need access to all the files directly so that, if required, I can manually backup, make copies, edit settings, etc. Anyone able to help?


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Mike posted this 01 June 2021

Look for hidden files :)

It's actually hidden deliberately on Linux as a basic competency test. If you can find it, you can touch it.

Rulenine posted this 01 June 2021

I get that, and I have no plans to be messing regularly with then. Nevertheless, unlike all servers I previously had running either unmanaged or with McMyAdmin, I cannot find where these files are located. I'd like to know where AMP is putting them at the very least. I can also do things such as once a week manually back up to an external drive without having to rely on AMP. I don't like not knowing where a piece of software is putting files and data.

Mike posted this 01 June 2021

You shouldn't touch them directly, you can damage your installation by doing this. Connect using an SFTP client using the 'connect to sftp' button in the top right of the file manager.