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  • Last Post 08 July 2020
marvinej posted this 29 June 2020

OS: Debian 10 Buster

I have been having issues with FTP and file manager since i first installed AMP in my Target/Controller Setup for enterprise. I have been unable to move or rename directories from FTP as referenced in https://github.com/CubeCoders/AMP/issues/294

Also this whole time i have not been able to upload things or manage files with the web panel file manager. I can only really use it to edit configs. Direct mode doesn't work at all and API mode is so slow no one would ever want to use it.

Updating to now none of my customers or instances can connect to FTP that were previously working and we have no good work around. I decided to switch to nightly to see if that fixed anything so now im on v20200627.1, built 27/06/2020 03:00 and still having these issues.

[00:56:40] [RemoteAMPAuth Activity] : Authentication attempt for user HIDDEM from
[00:56:40] [RemoteAMPAuth Activity] : Authentication failure for user HIDDEN from - Failure
[00:56:40] [FileManager Activity] : FTP connection request from IP HIDDEN

I have triple checked Ip, Firewall, FileManager.kvp, Users & Passwords, There doesn't seem to be a way for this to be fixed from my end short of installing another ftp server software and manually assigning users to directories.

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Mike posted this 29 June 2020

Do your users have 2FA enabled? FTP doesn't work with accounts with 2FA yet.

marvinej posted this 08 July 2020

2fa was not enabled, I never did find the solution to this but i did end up moving all of my instances to fresh hardware when i bought a new server and i setup without a target/controller as that seemed to have a lot of bugs. The new system is working fine for now.