FTP Not deleting files

  • Last Post 09 May 2020
mmuziek posted this 01 May 2020

OS: Linux Ubuntu

Ver: AMP Lapetus

Description: When i use FTP and i delete a file it just appears back after a refresh or by entering the folder again.The file is never deleted.

Steps: 1. Enable FTP in the ADS instance (port 2121) bound 2. login to FTP in filezilla. 3. go to the folder you wanna manage. 4. delete a file (its gone from the list but if u refresh its back)

I tried: 1. Reinstalling AMP 2. restarting multiple times 3. 2 updates have passed with no change in behaviour 4. I enabled the debug system scrolled through the logs not finding anything :

Logs : https://pastebin.com/126r3t5B Module affected: the FTP Module (filemanagerplugin if im correct)

Mike posted this 09 May 2020

This issue is currently under investigation.