FTP write errors using external FTP client

  • Last Post 09 July 2020
Dark posted this 09 July 2020


I was trying to edit the config.yml for Grief Prevention on one of my Minecraft instances running Spigot.

Using MobaXTerm, I was editing the file using VSCode and turned autosave (on Ctrl + S) on for MobaXTerm. I also tried with pressing "yes" on the prompt everytime.

What ended up happening was the following: https://github.com/TechFortress/GriefPrevention/issues/877#event-3527929101

It was appending random values, like \n : false or s: false to the end of the file. After some trial and error, I decided to use the web client's File Manager editor, and turns out it works fine.

However, it only caused this problem on a certain server I had. On a fresh instance with no other modifications, the write was fine.

Just wanted to report this, since it seems like a bug with AMP.

Mike posted this 09 July 2020

What happens if you use a dedicated FTP client such as Filezilla or WinSCP?