GUI confusion as a new user.

  • Last Post 23 May 2020
mattotone posted this 22 May 2020

Sometimes the most useful feedback is the struggle from a new user. Ubuntu 18

The install was easy and painless. System username and password could be automatic, just prompt users to create an admin username and password.

Instances** Start Instance, update and start Application should be the default selection. I created the instance, clicked edit port to get the port number, and because the instance was green I believed that the server was up and running. It took me a while of troubleshooting as to why Minecraft wouldn't connect. I had to manage the instance, Update, accept EULA, and then start the application.

Instance Status should reflect the server status, and any EULA messages should be promoted when the instance is created.

* Minecraft server type * The majority of server types do not support automatic install such as tekkit and forge.

*Spigot on main menu Perhaps it should be listed under configs and only displayed when compatible server type is active.

There have been a few other niggles, such as having to manually remove an instance via ssh after a plugin was manually installed. Was unable to remove on the GUI received directory not empty ...

Future development could include management of SSH, Iptables, Failtoban, etc perhaps some server security wizards for the setup of a fresh install.

Mike posted this 23 May 2020

Thanks for the feedback. Did you happen to watch any of the tutorial videos?