Having to re-register after every reboot

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alex.taffe posted this 4 weeks ago

I’m running AMP on Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS x86_64. Every time the physical machine restarts, AMP breaks. I have to manually run:

ampinstmgr stop ADS01
ampinstmgr reactivate AlexMinecraftSurvival
ampinstmgr start ADS01

If I don’t, the server refuses to start. This is rapidly going to become an issue because it says I have already used 3 of my 5 license keys (in all actuality, I’ve only used 1). Can someone reset my activation count and more importantly, how can I fix this?

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AbhorrentJoel posted this 4 weeks ago

How is your server setup? Is AMP running in a VM? Any physical changes to the system could trigger this. I believe that network changes can also do it, which is even more common on VMs as the MAC may not be static, invalidating the activation.

alex.taffe posted this 4 weeks ago

It’s running natively (no docker or vm). That actually could partially explain it though. The server was having network issues with the crummy usb WiFi adapter, so I bought a PCIe WiFi card. That actually made the issue worse and I went back to the original one. It was still awful and I gave up and moved the machine to a location with Ethernet. Those were the only times I’ve rebooted the machine since installing AMP, so the MAC changing with each NIC change may be the cause

AbhorrentJoel posted this 4 weeks ago

I'm not sure of the exact triggers to the problem, but this seems plausible.

I would be tempted to reboot the machine normally without making any changes to see whether it still occurs.

alex.taffe posted this 3 weeks ago

I just restarted the machine and it was fine. I doubt any more changes will need to happen. Regardless, is it possible to get my licenses back?

Mike posted this 3 weeks ago

Licences don't get burned. You pay to have a given number of instances in total. You don't lose them if you need to reactivate.

alex.taffe posted this 3 weeks ago

Ahh perfect, thanks!