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sklavePhoenix posted this 19 June 2019

hallo seit dem update geht nichts mehr, wie kann ich eine ältere intalation ausführen ? ich kann keine Instanzen mehr starten und sehe nichtsmehr in der Console und nun ist das Panel nichtmehr zu erreichen . ich müsste eine komplette neuinstalation ausführen jedoch finde ich nichts über ein uninstall können sie mir helfen ?

hello since the update is nothing more, how can I run an older intalation? I can not start any more instances and see nothing more in the console and now the panel is no longer reachable. I would have to perform a complete reinstallation however I can not find anything about an uninstall can they help me?

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Mike posted this 19 June 2019

Hi, if you've just updated you probably need to press CTRL+F5 in your browser to empty the cache.

Also make sure the instances are starting using ampinstmgr startall - if they are not running after that check their log files to see if there's anything wrong.

AMP cannot be downgraded so we'll need to figure out what's up.

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sklavePhoenix posted this 19 June 2019

The problem is that I can not log in more than once although I have installed everything and I have to uninstall it and completely reinstall And I would need help

Mike posted this 20 June 2019

Have you checked the instances log files to see if they're able to start? Also check the output of ampinstmgr table

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sklavePhoenix posted this 20 June 2019

So nothing comes out for me I have to reinstall the whole webinterface and I would have to uninstall it for that and I need help because I do not know how to do it

sklavePhoenix posted this 22 June 2019

can nobody help me ? I have paid for the webinterface and can not use it

Mike posted this 27 June 2019

Hi, have you installed the latest updates? The recent release addressed some common issues.