How to authorize with new upgraded licence

  • Last Post 29 November 2020
andymcguiness posted this 26 November 2020

OS Name/Version: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Product Name/Version: AMP Release "Europa" v2.0.8.6, built 23/11/2020 19:36

Problem Description:

I upgraded my AMP licence so now I can run 8 instances. I tried deleting ADSModule.kvp and clicked through the wizard in the web interface, entering the new licence key sent to me. Now when I start up AMP, all the instance start but ampinstmgr --ShowAllInstancePorts shows all the Minecraft server ports as closed (although they're open in Ubuntu).

AMP Licence Managerment shows 2/8 licences in use, which suggests to me that Licence Management hasn't caught up with me changing over from a Windows installation several months ago. Since then, I have added a new application instance and have been running 3 Minecraft servers successfully. After upgrading my licence to run 8, I added a new instance but AMP showed the minecraft port for that instance (25568) as closed - so I went through steps 1-5 below in order to authorize with the new licence key, with the result that now all Minecraft ports are closed. Also, the ADS01 UDP port is closed.

Steps to reproduce: Step 1 Upgrade licence to allow more application instances.

Step 2 Delete ADSModule.kvp

Step 3 Click through setup in AMP web browser interface, entering licence key where required.

Step 4 ampinstmgr --RestartAllInstances

Step 5 Login to web interface, ADS01 Configuration-> New Instance Defaults ->Enter new licence key

Actions taken to resolve so far: (Steps 1 through 5 above)

Is there a better way to reauthorize with an upgraded licence key?

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Mike posted this 26 November 2020

You don't need to do anything once you've upgraded your key unless it explicitly tells you. If instances won't start, check their logs.

andymcguiness posted this 26 November 2020

OK, thanks - I thought it was a licensing issue because it happened when I upgraded the licence.

All the instances are starting OK and there are no errors in the logs. The problem is that when I start up AMP, all the instances start but all the Minecraft server ports are closed in AMP (although they're open in Ubuntu).

The ports (eg. 25565 tcp/udp) are open in the Ubuntu firewall, but closed in AMP according to the result of the command 'ampinstmgr --ShowAllInstancePorts'. Any hints on that?

Mike posted this 26 November 2020

Closed means the application isn't running/listening - so the AMP instances are running but the actual Minecraft server within them is not.

andymcguiness posted this 26 November 2020

But the thing is, the Minecraft servers are running. Here's part of the log for the last startup of one of them, 'Minecraft03':

[00:22:03] Starting Minecraft server on *:25567 [00:24:43] . . .

[00:24:48] [Server thread/WARN]: Can't keep up! Is the server overloaded? Running 2078ms or 41 ticks behind

andymcguiness posted this 29 November 2020

For anyone with the same problem: I disable tcp6 in the ufw config file and set ufw to manage built-in rules, now I can login. ampinstmgr --showallinstanceports still shows the ports as CLOSED, but everything works . . .