I can't connect to my second minecraft server.

  • Last Post 11 June 2019
Nirutt posted this 05 June 2019

Created a new instance for second minecraft server, made sure to set it to a different port other than 25565 as that's what my other minecraft server is on. Turned off windows firewall. New server is on 25566 therefore I use the localhost ip and it still won't connect to it.

On the AMP control panel it shows that it's working and the server has launched, no errors. Just can't connect to it.

Do you have any ideas?

Without amp on my other computer I am able to run 2 minecraft servers on my test pc and connect to both of the servers, not sure what's up with this one.

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Mike posted this 05 June 2019

See this wiki page: Diagnosing connectivity issues

crixmadine77 posted this 11 June 2019

I'm not super technical, but if you are hosting the server on the computer you are trying to access it on, shouldn't the minecraft server best be accessed at the address "localhost:25566" or ""?

The I think the address would hit your router then be directed to your computer, as long as that address is the same.

Also, I would never run the computer without an active firewall.