I need help starting a dedicated Minecraft 1.16.5 modded server.

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Doominuke posted this 4 weeks ago

I've ran a modded server with the Minecraft server JAR utility and forge for a little while now and I've found Mcmyadmin. I want to incorporate in to my experience but I've been having problems with an error stoping everything from working. It says something about "x is not valid option" after running Optifine and a few other things. i've tried running it with -o in the config but it still says that o is an invalid option too.

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Mike posted this 4 weeks ago

McMyAdmin is no longer supported, it has been replaced by AMP as per the orange banner on the McMyAdmin website.

Doominuke posted this 4 weeks ago

Ah, I see. I must have gotten carried away, sorry about that. Well, does AMP do all the same things that Mcmyadmin said it would do?

Magesw posted this 4 weeks ago

Even though AMP is the current thing McMyAdmin will run the 1.16.5 server just fine. However you can get AMP and use your McMyAdmin key. AMP has more features.

Doominuke posted this 4 weeks ago

Great! I've tried out AMP and I've gone through the steps, but I'm curious about the licences. Am I required to buy a licence or can I just run one instance without one? I don't necessarily need 5 licenses and I wouldn't mind paying for this sort of program if it wasn't like I was buying 5 of them.