I want to make the server/machine turn off when there are no users

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mike1268 posted this 21 January 2018

this doesnt look possible at the moment. is this something that could be put in on a later release?

All I need is a command like the ones that already exist.

If there are no users on the server to execute another file.

I can see the execute order for some parameters but not for when the server is empty.

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Mike posted this 22 January 2018

You want to turn the actual computer completely off?

mike1268 posted this 22 January 2018


My users have access to the remote access card so they can start and stop the physical server when they like. The server auto logs into Windows and auto starts the services. So they only wait a few minutes to get on and play. They sometime forget to shut the server down when done. Would be nice to be able to be able to activate a batch file when the last user logs off after a given time.